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Posting pictures


What has happened with picture posting Bax, I've tried from my phone as well as from pics on my computer as I've done in the past and neither will work for me...


Nothing has changed that I can think of


I don't post a lot of pics, but I guess I am seeing inconsistency, or my own misunderstanding.

Must you post the pic first, then add your text?

I tried to "edit" in a pic the other day...no luck any which way I tried and the file size/pixels were well in range as best I can figure.

Are there more rules on the site I can read?


...with text, and making sure that it isn't too big (800 by 562 in this case).


If 'hot linking' to a image that is already on the web, you just need to paste the URL into your post. Multiple images can be inserted this way into a single post. No text is necessary in the post for this method to work.

If 'uploading' an image from your computer or device, then you can only insert 1 image per post and there must be some text added with the uploaded image. The image will not appear in your post until after you click on the 'Add post' button.


This was the pic I could not insert during an "edit".


To me, the basic problem is the idea of "posting pics" which is pretty vague.

I think it's very useful to differentiate uploading from inserting/linking/posting/whatever you want to call it.

I do need to write a form validator to remind people that a post without text really isn't a post.


Looks to me like a good "how to" should be written and added to the more or less permanent array of topics in the GDP header since the topic comes up with some regularity, We get newguys all the time


How to:

If you want to upload a pic, click the camera icon and do what your device tells you to do.
If you want to insert a pic from the web, just stick the image's url in your post. It will be inserted for you.



testing add a pic by clicking on camera icon


Testing adding a photo.

And another one.


vibrolux, when using photos that are in Photobucket, you have to choose (copy) the Direct Link option. That strips out the HTML that is in your first post. If you went back in and edited your first post so as to remove all of that HTML stuff, your photo would appear when you clicked on "Edit Post".

Try it. Just go into that post using the edit feature, and then have only your link beginning at "http://" and end it where it says ".jpg".


Ric12string--thanks! It took me a few minutes to figure this out.


Tim, I can't get a pic to post from my phone today, it is a Samsung Galaxy S4 and I have posted pics from it several times before, has something changed lately?


Nope. No change.







– lx

Now this album would be interesting to listen to. Knee boots, bouffant hairdos, the Sixties had it going.


Sometimes photos work, and sometimes they don't. I just try again the next day. That usually works.


Were you trying for this?

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