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I'm copying the site db and code over to a new server. This shouldn't mean a thing to anyone on here, but if there is any weirdness, that's probably why. Well, I mean anything beyond the normal weirdness.


Well, yeah. There’s that. Lolol


Uhm, Bax, have you backed the DB up before you port it over?

Ya know. Just sayin'.


I have. Twice

I swear, one lousy data loss in almost 25 years and you never live it down grumble grumble grumble


One catastrophic data loss is probably all it takes to etch that one into your mind pretty deeply, right? We love you, Bax. Just wanting to be helpful.


when is all of this supposed to happen ? I want to see if I can determine what's normal and what's not normal.


I'm already doing it. You really shouldn't see any change here.

Here's what'll happen:

  1. I back up everything on this server. (done)
  2. I copy everything over to the new server (in progress)
  3. I make sure everything still works as expected. It won't. There will be some path change or something weird that will be flaky and have to be fixed.
  4. Once it's all working properly, I put up a notice here that says at X time, we're locked. Anything posted after that time will be lost, until you see the all-clear.
  5. At X time, I pull a fresh data backup and a fresh copy of the media files so I have anything that's been created since step 1.
  6. I move those to the new server
  7. Barring any issues, I issue the "all clear" and we're moved into our shiny new digs.

When really comes down to how step 3 goes.


Bax, maybe this isn't the place, but I have a question about the site functionality. Specifically the little 'Watch post' button on each thread. I click on it and get a message saying 'You are now watching this thread'. Cool.

Now somewhere on the site is a link to my 'Watched threads' (I found it yesterday, can't find it today), where I am taken to a list of these threads. Is that it? There's a little 'X' next to each, presumably to remove it from the list, but it just goes to a 404.

Is there any way to have, like, notifications when watched threads get updated, or perhaps to have my own threads automatically added to the list? I know you've got a lot on your hands, but I'm spoiled by my 21st century apps that won't let me miss a beat when Brandon's mom likes my cousin's photo of his babies.

I'm happy to help with this if you like. I'm handy with python and bash, and a little bit of php.


I can't seem to make my comment worth reading. Must be the new server.


When the change happens, will the wink emoji wake up and begin working again? (wink)


I'm not working on any fixes now -- although those things are on my radar. I've found it's best to not change the code while moving things around.


In an attempt to ensure the success of your endeavor, I have this morning sacrificed two chickens to appease the Internet deities.

Along with some turkey bacon and wheat toast.

Happy motoring!


Best of luck ol' bean.


I have. Twice

I swear, one lousy data loss in almost 25 years and you never live it down grumble grumble grumble

– Baxter

There's a really dirty joke with the same sorta punchline. It'll wait til I see you.


Does it feature MacGregor the Scottish woodworker?


A man walked into a bar in Scotland, sat down and ordered a drink. Next to him was a leathery old Scotsman, well into the bottle in front of him.

The man asked the Scotsman if there was something the matter.

The Scot replied (in Groundskeeper Willy brogue); "Aye lad, indeed there is. You see this bar here? I made this bar with me own two hands, slowly crafting it in the time-honored way of my forebears. It took me 4 months, but do they call me MacGregor the bar-builder? Noooooo. "

"You know the dock that your ferry landed at the night before? I built that dock with me own bare hands, finely honing each joint so that it would withstand the weather that mother nature unravels upon it. It took nigh a year, but do they call me MacGregor the dock-builder? Noooooo."

"And do you recall the livery stable you passed on the way into town? I stood that stable up in six months, with nary a bit o' help. To this day that stable is one of the finest in all of Scotland. But do they call me MacGregor that stable-maker? Nooooooo."

"But you #$!% one goat..."


When the change happens, will the wink emoji wake up and begin working again? (wink)

– Windsordave

Hey...it's not like the wink emoji hasn't been working for...what...two or so years?...... -wink-


And I've been waiting since it hasn't worked for it to get fixed.....wink!

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