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Perhaps a dumb question…


Hello, everyone. I'm brand new to this forum. My name is Bob and I'm a bass player planning on getting a Gretsch bass as soon as I can get the cash together. I'm trying to decide between the Broadkaster and the Electrotone. I've played both and the problem is that I won't be able to afford both like I'd like to. Does anyone have any opinions or experiences that might help me out? Also, I'm wondering how a Broadkaster bass might sound w/ flatwounds. Thanks for any help! -Bob


Welcome Bob!

Sorry I can't help with bass issues (it's been a very long time since I last doubled on bass, poorly)!

But I'm sure this is the best place to get those answers.

Somebody will be along shortly I'm sure, who can better advise you.

Again, welcome!


Welcome Bob, hope you find the forums as useful as most of us.

I started out on a Gretsch bass, but mine is an Electromatic, it's a solid body built around 2003 in Korea methinks. I know its not a Broadkaster or an Electrotone, but if you want any info on it otherwise I can help you out. All I can say is that Gretsch makes some nice basses too, it is very well made and I have had no problems with it, and I've been playing it since 2003.

I haven't tried flatwounds though.

Hopefully someone else is familiar with your brands...


Whichever bass you choose, go with flatwounds. IMO they sound fantastic on bass.


Thanks for your responses, everyone. I liked the Gretsches I played very much and one of them will be my next bass. Also, I got the feeling that the Broadkaster (at least from the 20 minutes or so that I played one) that it would sound really good w/ flats.
I'll keep checking the board here and try to glean information while I save up. Thanks for the warm welcome!


Welcome to the board. I do a bit of bass playing myself but alas I have but a meager Fender Mustang bass. I love it BTW, it's a great little bass and my tendons have conspired to restrict me to short scales.

I don't think that anything Gretsch makes is a losing proposition but if you hang out with us long enough you'll probably learn a lot about Gretsch pickup types and the like. I'm sure that you'll be able to glean some useful info from us.

Once again welcome Gray, and if you live near Tucson rehearsals are at 6:30 on Mondays, my place. (I'm always looking for a bassist)


Hey welcome gray

I don't play bass much these days, but my cousin has a 6072 long scale hollow body bass in golden sunburst,a new one
It has a 34" scale neck!
It sounds great.
I havn't seen him for a while, so can't say how he's getting on with it,but i do know he sold his Rick 4003 soon after getting this!
So, it must be doing something right :nice:


I'm gonn'a try this again, because it is art of the highest order:

More often than on guitar, I gigs with the bass. It pays to be mindful, Of one's most appropriate place. But in octave contra, I remain Gretschless. Fred and FMIC, Don't offer a fretless.


well, if you've played both, i'd go with the one you liked best. here's something to consider, though: the electrotone has a narrow hollow body, without soundholes, and with wax potted pickups, which will make it significantly less prone to feedback than the broadkaster, with it's wide hollow body, soundholes, and unpotted pickups.

edit: cjm, while i do think an fretless gretsch bass wound be wonderful, if gretsch were to introduce a new bass model i'd want one with bass dynasonics! do they even make bass dynasonics? did they ever? i don't care! make 'em, stick 'em on a bass, paint it all nice and orange, and carve out a real purdy g-brand! if they went fretless, and could make a bass bigsby to match, then, well, i'd be in bass heaven...

edit 2: no, wait, for me to be in bass heaven i'd have to find a bass amplifier i actually like. that's the biggest thing keeping me away from bass at the moment... doesn't anyone make a tube bass amp, without a lot of fussy controls, and a nice look (and, no, i don't consider black tolex, and a wide-open metal grill, a "nice" look... sorry...) i guess i just suffer from too much from the "vintage obssessed guitarist syndrom"... oh well... my favorite bass is still the original-style precision bass...


I just read on the Gretsch website about the 6072, and it has me really interested now. I think I really need to know what the 6072 sounds like, given its pickup placement and the length of the neck, before I make a final decision. Fortunately, I only live an hour away from Cream City / Warp Drive Music, which is in Milwaukee, WI and who is apparently the largest Gretsch dealer in the U.S.. They're moving to a new location and are going to have "Gretsch World" as part of the store, which I of course will be visiting! Hopefully they'll have one there.
Oh, and as far as a no-fuss bass tube amp, although they don't seem to make anything like that anymore, a nice Sunn Model T Super aught to do the trick.

gray: oh, and as far as a no-fuss bass tube amp, although they don't seem to make anything like that anymore...

yeah... why do they all have 300 buttons? i mean, really, i don't get it... the only knob i use when i play the bass is the volume control! what really pisses me off is graphic equalizers! why am i fussing around with 20 little switches? doesn't this amp sound good enough as it is that i don't have to deal with this crap? it pisses me off...

actually, right now, i'm thinking about perhaps just giving up on electric bass altogether... what good does the amp do anyway?

oh, that's right, it let's me play one of these:

i could probably still go direct, though... hmm... or maybe actually try to use a bassman as a bass amp? would that work? would it sound any good? hmm...

edit: okay, that's the third image i've tried, and it still screws up the formatting! oh well...

edit 2: i decided to go back to my original too-big picture, because i liked it best, and no matter what i chose, it still looked like crap (in my browser, anyways.)


Nice bass.
I just used a Bassman head (thru an Ampeg 810) the other day when I played the Broadkaster and the Electrotone, and it sounded great. It had one channel for bass and the other for guitar, which was a little weird, but it sounded fine, and did those two basses good justice. It worked on me, anyway.
I really enjoy simplicity in an amp. I like being able to dial in what I want, but when I get there, I'm going to be staying there for a long time, because I want whatever I feel is a true sound. I enjoy versatility, too, but to be honest, the really technical amps kind of confuse me. Plus, I've always gravitated toward the classics, anyhow. That's just my thing, I guess.



How'd this 11 year old post resurface uninitiated?


I think that when somebody messes with or deletes an old post, the thread comes back to the new topics list. It usually happens when somebody is trying to erase themselves from the board. I don't know if that's the case here, but there were a bunch of old threads showing up as new topics this morning.



How'd this 11 year old post resurface uninitiated?

– crowbone

It's not hard to do. Posting to an old thread will bring it to the top. Them delete your post.


Ok, deleting makes sense.

Not seeing the deleted post made me wonder if the old posts were coming back to haunt us.

I saw last week that the garage sale section could go back for 100 pages or more, but that far back the subjects had no content in them.


Yeah. Deleting updates the "last modified" field on the thread, which is a bug. It should only do that if you delete the last post, so then the "last modified" should revert to the prior last post.

And while we're on the subject, I should probably clear out all those orphaned topics created by the crash. I had hoped we'd manage to marry them up to their post threads again, but it's pretty clear that ain't gonna happen, and even if we did recover an old post thread, it'd probably be easier to just edit it and fix it that way.

And I should go back to the old behavior that you cannot fully delete a post, where deleting leaves a "this post deleted" message. I think that worked better, and regret changing it.

And while I'm thinking about things I should do, I should set some kind of cap on how long you can delete/edit posts. I think it could be fairly long, but at some point it's posterity, you know?

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