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FS: Little Kahuna #46


Hey, all,

In pretty much mint condition. The only reverb + tremolo you'll ever need. New ones are over $1,000. Mine's $750 plus shipping, and includes one of those cool Gator carrying cases. PM if interested, as usual.



Gator Bongo case fits really well doesn't it?


Yes, it does, Johnny. That was a great recommendation, much appreciated!

Have you told BZ about that?



Where do you put the footswitch? Is there a pocket?


Footswitch goes in a nice pocket on top, really a pretty good fit.


David picked up his Kahuna today. A twinge of seller's regret, because Little Kahunas are truly the best of their kind. Circumstances and need pushed me to sell... which means I'll probably have to buy another one when the financial coast is clear again.



Thanks Paul, real nice piece! Sounds amazing! I really love it through my Delta Blues but I wanted to take a pic of it with this little Mesa amp because it fits so nicely on top!


Something that's fun to do is play with the trem on the amp in conjuntion with the Kahuna, something I did with a Boss and the trem on the Peavey. Setting them at different speeds and depths and get some fun patterns. Cheers to Billy Zoom BTW!


Any one have a part number or linky for the GATOR BONGO CASE???

I need one for my Kahuna!


Gator GP-66 Bongo and Drum Accessory Case, they are all over ebay.


Why the name change Jeff(O)?


Still using my real name

Rey (pronounced RAY) Allen

jeffREY ALLEN osowski


thanks for noticing...I was gonna wait to find a better more recent picture, but didn't want to change my name without old timers knowing who I was

I may be a troll, but I AM NOT a stalker


I figured it out on that bike thread. Seems like you're not as busy as earlier this summer?


Are the Streamliners still playing out, Jeff? You guys got any new tunes? It's too bad that DanO stopped doing his Gashouse Radio show "FlatHead Fever". He'd give your cd a spin quite oft.


Our drummer quit over a year ago, and we never found a suitable replacement. Judd moved and we haven't played together in quite some time.

I been playing with Skinny Raccoons (blue grass), and a couple other side projects. Would like to get back to the rockabilly, but no following around these parts...

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