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NKD (New Knee Day)


I know a lot of you saw me hobbling around at NorCal & Nashville Roundups. As of about 6:00 pm today my bad knee has been replaced. I'm Going to get rehabbed and be ready for some Roundups before long. Thanks for giving me something to read while I am in the hospital. Ray


COOL! I didn't even know you were an astronaut! Who are they going to get to play Jamie Summers? Arrrooooooo

Here's to a speedy recovery and should you make it up north to the Great White Round Up, no kicking!


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"Better, Stronger, Faster" [je-je-je-je-jinnnnngggg]

Wishing you a thorough and speedy recovery!


Speedy recovery, mate, I've had two reco knees so I kinda know what you're going thru


That's big stuff. Wishing you a speedy rehab.


Mend soon. Hope it all goes as painless as possible.


Good news, Ray, that that knee will soon be like new. You'll be dancing at future Roundups, I presume.


Ray, I posted in your other thread too.

Wish you a good recovery. I've been through this twice, and the PT is the key, every day. So are the "meds" right now.

I was very lucky. I had the same two PT's for both times. I never thought that two cute, less than 100lbs ladies, could make me scream SO loud.........during the PT of course. LOL

Mobility is the goal, get that complete movement back to a real normal.

Best to ya, and stay in orbit a while!

Music helps too, any music.


Good luck with rehab.....here's to being mobile and pain free


Thanks, everyone. This brightens my day.


Hi RJ....welcome back and good to have you on the road to recovery. I also posted in your other thread. Is the surgery a replacement of the cartilage(meniscus)?


Hey Ray,

I see you're signed up for the Roundup, so your knee must be good enough to stomp on some snakes in the Delta. See you in a few days.


How did you dig up this old thread? Yes, Kathy and I will be there and hope I can play a song or several with you again this year. I really enjoyed playing last year. Kathy and I are in Paducah, KY right now, taking a leisurely trip down to the Roundup. We look forward to seeing you again this year.

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