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NGD posts are my favorite


You'd think they'd make me envious. They never really do. And I love lots of the fora here. Love the technical and woodshedding posts. Very valuable. And I love the posts about different players and styles of music. Have become acquainted with material I wouldn't otherwise know that I love. But nothing gives me quite the pleasure that I get from NGD posts. The variety of instruments, the shared joy and enthusiasm, the way we root for one another in the comments. They are, hands down, my favorite part of the GDP.


Me too,although i don't think i have ever started a NGD thread myself.

I also love the resto and build threads!


Not me.

Give me a good pulpit to preach politics, gun control, religion or gold piping from!


Me too, especially when it’s one I started.


Not me.

Give me a good pulpit to preach politics, gun control, religion or gold piping from!

– crowbone

Rousing the rabble is an American right!


Strummerson, I’m with you. Knowing the joy of an NGD, it’s cool to know what others are feeling at that moment.

In fact, I was just able to post about another myownself. I hope y’all share in my joy the same way that I share in yours.


I enjoy them as well, sometimes I read with envy. It's so great seeing someone so happy with their new instrument. Almost like when you were a little kid and opened your gifts at Christmas!


Agreed: NGD posts are my fav. My least favorite? My Garage Sale posts.


I look for NGD threads because they get my imagination going. Aside from admiring the pics of the guitar and feeling good for the owner, I really like the fact that it makes me wonder what the he/she will play, what their style might be, how the guitar would fit my style,etccc

It gets the imagination clicking away and then makes me want to practice!


NGD threads to me are just like eating a big bowl of chocolate ice cream....I love 'em by they give me GAS


I remarried almost four years ago, and my wife thinks I'm "abnormal" when I gas for a new guitar or gear. I had some guitars and a lot of gear stolen a while back, before I remarried, and I've been replacing some of it lately. I started sharing some of the NGD's and other posts about new gear with her. Now she thinks we're all abnormal!..... No, not really, but it did help her to understand that she married a music man, and that we need a certain amount of musical gear, for us to be fulfilled.

I really like reading and seeing the pictures of an NGD post, I get to live vicariously through another members acquisitions. It also let's me appreciate all the different and beautiful functional works of art called guitars.


"....beautiful functional works of art called guitars"

Best description of my collection I can think of Wade. I consider the guitars I have to be works of art and of course are functional. All guitars are works of arts but to varying degrees to each person.....we each have different tastes. When I was putting together my modest collection of 10 guitars - 5 Gretsches - my choices all had to be visually pleasing.

Wise move showing your wife that your acquiring gear wasn't weird behavior or an anomaly amongst musicians, but rather normal behavior for some of us. And some of us do stop at some point!


Well with me everytime I do an NGD or NBD , something else appears in garage sale. I can't collect -- genetically incapable. Still lots of exotic stuff on the want list.

Of course others' NGDs appeal to me more for some, others less so. I'll be more eaten up with someone''s 1960s Tenny that someone else's Cu$tom $hop $trat but we all have our preferences.

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