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Need help changing my email address!


All of my messages to admin. keep getting bounced back with an error message - help! Thanks!


Yahoo email?

Just drop Me a line directly. Baxter at...


Ha - just tried and got an error, Bax.


and yes, trying this through Yahoo - switching it to Google (trying to!)


Ha - just tried and got an error, Bax. -- Hellbilly

Send Baxter an email from your email account, rather than through the GDP's email system. Send it to him (use his last name) at gretschpages.com.

Your issue is that the GDP's mail function is rebelling against Yahoo. For those of us who have a Yahoo email account, it means that we can talk to most anyone in the world with it except our friends here on the GDP.


It's actually yahoo and Google in some sort of tiff I am stuck in the middle of. Long story

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