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Butch Walker “rockin” a Gretsch


Here is a video of Butch Walker and a Gretsch....has some nice sounds going on in it...just got to get past the intro (MUSIC starts at approx 1:10):

If you've never seen Butch perform live...do yourself a favor and don't miss him if he is in your area....one of the most energetic, talented, and charismatic performers I have ever seen.


Pretty good stuff! I'll have to look for more of his music.


Thanks for posting this. I love the tone and really a clever song. I too will keep a look out for more of his music.


For those that don't know, Butch has been around for a long while....

  • He was in a band called SouthGang (hair band)
  • He was in a band called "The Marvelous 3" (scored a minor hit with "Freak Of The Week")
  • He went "solo" (largely, unnoticed)
  • He started writing and producing for the likes of: Pink, Avril Lavigne, Fall Out Boy, Weezer, Pete Yorn, among many others.
  • He is an author having published the book "Drinking With Strangers"
  • He continues his solo career....again, sadly, largely unnoticed.

Glad you two enjoyed it....there is much to like about Butch Walker. If you liked this, there are a few other YouTube Vids of acoustic performances from his new CD-"Afraid Of Ghosts" (produced by Ryan Adams). Pretty easy to find on YouTube.


I enjoyed his appearance on Daryl's House.


I love Butch. He is a brother from my youth. I met him when we were both new to Los Angeles in our late teens. We worked together at a job as QC inspectors for Alesis. Then a few years later his band Southgang and our band Slammin' Gladys went on tour together in clubs around the USA for about a year. We called it the SG tour. Both of our bands split up around the same time and I've run into him occasionally over the years since but it's been a long time. He's always been an awesome guitar player and now he's also a really soulful singer and a valuable producer. Did I say I love Butch?

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