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more GDP emoticon weirdness


OK, so we already know that a few of them haven't worked right since the crash... some of the "faces" are truncated now-- keep in mind that I'm using the latest version of Firefox (35), so it may just be a "browser" thing. I have no idea if Chrome or IE users are experiencing this.

the "yikes". is now the "extreme sad"

the "wink" just doesn't work at all,

The "mad" emoticon is now a 6-finger-hole bowling ball

And now, is it just me, or has the "crazy" emoticon transformed into the "vampire" emoticon??

I guess I can still be thankful that the "thumbs-up" emoticon hasn't yet become the "proctologist" emoticon!

Come to think of it though... a "proctologist" emoticon would probably be quite handy in the Misc. Rumbles section.


Update-- apparently it IS a browser issue. I just loaded this page in IE 11 and had no problems with any of the emoticons, except for the "winky" emoticon, which still does not work at all.


No thanks, Bob-- Google already knows enough about my browsing habits-- they don't need any extra help.


Yeah, the rendering in Safari is correct as well. I skip Chrome too.


– MacStevenXIII

This is so exactly me trying to get four giggly gabby gals to stay in the pocket and build toward dynamics of a song. One of those rehearsals.

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