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With Tim Baxter bringing his tenure to a close here, I thought it be a good time to breakout some scrapbooks of meeting each other at Roundups, Gretsch days, Gigs and Get Togethers.

So here's a list of likes to all things Gretsch, and what fun we have when we hang out and play.

I know a bunch of you have albums, too.

Post them! Tell us what the function was and when.

The first Roundup in Nashville...2008


Been ripping my CD collection, and came across this... almost 20 years old now!


I branded a piece of wood at a RoundUp. Certainly a high point. There are others who have contributed much joy to the Gretsch page experience too. Too many to list. Epic RoundUps, some of which I attended, and the remaining friendships for decades...


I've come across extensive dumps of pics and recordings from my "official" attendance between 2008 and 2019 at dozens of Roundups, NAMMs, and other Gretsch events - all the raw material from which I posted in event coverage at the time (most of which was lost in the Meltdown).

I'm still compiling it. I came across an old archive hard drive - ironically housed in an orange rubberized/ruggedized LaCie case - which is evincing the click of death. I'll keep trying, but I fear that material may be lost. As I recall from when I moved the stuff there, it's the media from 2008-2010 or so: ie, the first NAMMs I attended for Gretsch, and the early Roundups.

But I don't know how or when I can make all this stuff public. Lots of work in weeding out the useless photos, providing the kind of captioning necessary to make the images useful beyond our circle. (And that subset of "our circle" who know and care who the faces are.) That info SHOULD got into the metadata of each photo. Otherwise it's lost to the ages, and makes the pics no more useful than a box of photos from decades past that you find in your grandmother's attic after she's gone - with nothing written on the back to tell you who is is, where, when, and why. It's probably your family, but who knows? Now they're just curios for the wall at Cracker Barrel.

ANYway. I gotta lotta stuff. Stuff that was all in the moment, immediate, relevant once upon a time when we were younger, before we knew we were going to get old and lose so much.


I had different catalogs on photobucket before it got stupid but I never compiled them to another site thinking the same fate may befall them. I do have video of most of the roundups we attended on my YouTube page.


Well, Pro and Dave, Maybe a Historical Archive (Pre-Rocky) Is needed for the pages...a bit of a nod to the GDP's Overlord, but more to all the good times he, ultimately, caused.


Maybe a Historical Archive (Pre-Rocky) Is needed for the pages

I would agree to that.


sorry guys, I don't have any photos. but I have the memories of playing at the events in NJ that I've been able to attend. they are some of the best "playing out" memories that I have. from the first in 2009, when I was pre-Gretsch, to the most recent pre-covid. You all have been the friendliest group I've ever met. just my 2 cents worth.

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