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As I'm sure most of you are aware, 2020 marks 25 years since the Gretsch Pages began. That's a pretty extraordinary milestone. This little site has been kicking around longer than the official Gretsch site. We've been kicking around longer than Amazon. For real. When we started, the internet barely existed.

And look at what it's become. The community, the knowledge sharing. There is little in the way of Gretsch history and lore that's been written in the past 25 years that can't be traced directly back to this site, and it's been the home for Gretsch fans all along the way.

It amazes me, really. I am deeply honored to have taken this journey with y'all.

And at the same time, 25 years is a long time, and I find myself unable to devote the time and attention to the site that I once could.

Which is why I am very excited to announce that Rocky Schiano of StreetSounds fame has agreed to take over running and maintaining the site. After 25 years, I'm retiring.

Rocky is deeply committed to fostering and supporting the Gretsch community, and I know the site will be in good hands as it enters its next 25 years. Rocky is committed to sustaining the independent, community spirit of the place, while maybe knocking off some cobwebs that have accumulated.

I'll still be around. You can count on that. You'll still be seeing me here, and I cannot wait for the next Roundup I can actually see some of you at. I miss those.

2020 has been a rough year for all of us. This is a reason to celebrate. Here's to another 25 years, and to Rocky!


Thank you for all you've done over the years, Bax! Words fail to express my gratitude (maybe $ will do). Happy retirement . . .you've earned it!

Welcome to our new Overlord, Rocky!


Well, there comes a time in all things. This probably was the first or one of the first guitar group sites although I didn't find it until 2006.

If new owner eventually solicits input on what a revamped site might be I will be happy to put in my 2 cents.

Good luck!


Wow. Thanks for all your hard work Bax!


Baxter, thank you for your service to this remarkable community. I found this site three years ago, after buying my first Gretsch guitar, and my only regret is that I didn't do it sooner.

I had just gone through a major spinal surgery, and I was in desperate shape. I told myself that if I survived, I would buy myself a new guitar. I needed good medicine, and a Gretsch guitar and this site was just what the doctor ordered. It created a great distraction from the pain, and gave me a reason to get up, and check out my new hangout.

During the past three years, I have come to realize what an absolute gem the GDP is. I hated other social media, because of the constant anger and bickering that occurred there. What I discovered here, is a community of ladies and gentlemen, who are remarkably intelligent and even keeled. I really needed that at the time, and I continue to need it.

In so much as one can in an online environment, I have developed a sence of friendship with many people here. The next step for me, is to be able to attend my first Roundup, and tie the real people to the screen names. I'm working on that, but the universe has tossed me several complications that have delayed my ability to make the trip.

Here's to you, Baxter, and to our new moderator, Rocky Schiano. I look forward to seeing you, Baxter, as one of the 'regular' guys. I wish you happiness and prosperity, and thank you again, for bringing this place to life, and maintaining it for the past 25 years.


Tim, I‘ve met the BEST people through this site (you and Mimi included) and it literally changed my life. Thank you!


This has been a great place and no doubt Rocky will keep it that way. I have met a lot of good people here and hope that continues. Thanks for all you have done and congrats on your “retirement”.


Oh, one important thing I neglected to mention: Rocky intends to keep this very much a family affair. His son Matthew will be coming on board to help with things. Welcome, Matthew!


Wow, that hits hard.

Bax, what you've done here is really quite incredible. It's been my go-to site for 20 years now - literally every day; I can say that about no other website.

I've made friends not only within my own country, but around the world, friends I would never have met without this site, and friends that will be friends for life.

When I first came here all I had was a 20+yr love affair with Gretsch, but I'd never owned one. I got my first Gretsch from a GDPer (Cadillac Green, who was then known as Firetone) and have been through nearly 2 dozen since then. I still have 7, 6 of which either came from a GDPer or were in someway enabled by one (or two). The knowledge I have gained here allowed me to start a small online retail outlet serving the Gretsch-loving community and while it's been a little shaky in recent months it's still (just about) trading after 13 years.

The GDP enabled my first visit to the US and also allowed me to meet one of my lifelong musical heroes (and serve another via the shop).

My sincere thanks for all of that, it would never have happened without this site.

I've always feared and resisted change, but sometimes it's beyond one's control. As we move into a new chapter of the GDP I'm nervous about the future, but your confidence in Rocky is clear so I respect that.

Once again Tim, my deepest thanks and best wishes for the future.


Thanks Baxter. I might still check in, but I don't expect the same atmosphere to prevail. I think there has been considerable ingratitude for your efforts displayed in some quarters.


You should. I know Rocky is committed to maintaining that atmosphere we all love.


Thanks for the site Baxter, change is inevitable but seldom positive in the long run. I wouldn't be doing what I am without the knowledge base here and only here. I'll keep a toe in the water as long as the ph and temp are right.



Thankyou Baxter. You have created something great.


While I am new to the community, it is apparent you have done a great job over the 25 year existence of the group. Thanks for your efforts and obvious success!


Tim, we all owe you a debt of thanks for envisioning the site in the first place, for actually making it happen, and for sustaining it in the way you have for all these years. I've seen other sites (both about guitars and other things) deteriorate because the moderators were either too heavy-handed or not willing to boot out bad actors and trolls who got their jollies from stirring up trouble and making things toxic. I think you've done a remarkable job of finding the right balance, which is one of the reasons this place continues to be a source of knowledge, information and fun, and if was wearing a hat, I would tip it in your direction.

Thanks for all your good work, best wishes for your retirement, and hope to see you around!

And a big welcome to Rocky! You done stepped into some big shoes, Mr. Schiano.


Aw man! Say it ain’t so.

well you’ve certainly lined up a good replacement. I’m sure Rocky will do this site justice. I can’t express much more than stated above. I’ve been here for most of those years and Karolyn and I have gained many lifelong friendships through this site and the many Roundups we’ve attended. We look forward to seeing you and Mimi at the next Nashville Roundup and hopefully Rocky and his family will attend as well, if we ever have another. Please don’t be a stranger. As others have stated, thanks for starting something awesome!


Thank you for a great run here, Bax! I can't wait to see you at the next Roundup!


What more can I say---Thanks for everything you've done here, Bax!


Tim, I don’t think I’ve been coming here as long as this site has been up, but always this site has been my go to Gretsch website! Thank You for all the work and efforts you’ve put into this place and keeping it fresh/current!


Thank you for all of the great work over the years, Bax. I’ll miss your even hand on the till, but I expect you are leaving it in good hands. See you soon.


Will Nashville be held in Brooklyn now?

Tim, I'm saddened, but not surprised, and will miss you & Angel, but simultaneously happy and excited for Rocky.


25 years is a great run I've made friends here and learned a lot, I cant think of another site I like more, and its because of your steady hand at the Wheel. We have all been lucky to have you and I'm glad you'll still be involved. Best of luck in all of your endeavor's.


A well-earned retirement I'd say! Baxter, thank you for always fostering the type of environment that we know and love.

Welcome aboard Rocky and Matthew!

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