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Locking tuners for my Duo Jet?


I'm looking to replace the tuners on my G6128T Duo Jet with locking tuners but I want to any and all avoid drilling if at all possible. It's a 2013 Wildwood special model. Does anyone have any experience with this or have any suggestions?


No "drop in" lockers available to my knowledge.

Any particular reason for wanting to change to locking type tuners?


If you can measure the distance of the screw holes, I can check the Gotoh locking tuners that I have. These are a Kluson style in chrome and were a drop-in for a 5126 Electromatic; really fantastic tuners. I'm not using them as I sold that guitar.


Check out Planet Waves tuners. I put them on one of mine and absolutely love them, I think, if my memory serves me right, Around 70$ give or take a buck or two. It was years ago at a Guitar Center. I honestly have never have had a guitar stay so in tune. Hope they have somthing that will fit.


Locking tuners are snake oil. Fix your nut.


Yeah Billy, your an ass I know of what you say but I do think that locked tuners do a lot to your guitar . A relatively inexpensive mod for decent results. Meanwhile I'll go and fix my nuts, all of my nuts. This might take a while and I might need help. I'll give you a call. You are an OK guy and it is and has always been a pleasure to converse with you. This might be my last post for a while as I have a load of shit coming right down the line in the next year. I thought I would be spending time under mike laying tracks this summer down in Jersey Things do change quickly and I guess I not going to be in a studio this summer. I am getting old . Maybe I'll have a move if Dan's record has a chance. Next winter. I do have a voice and trhat is why I am wanted.

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