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iPhone on the GDP issues?


First I'll say that I love the new GDP layout when I'm on a laptop, PC etc but that's a rarity for me. 95% of my interwebbing is done on my iPhone. The new site design has a couple quirks when viewed on the iPhone:

-on the page listing all the various sub forums, there is no longer a list of the most recent 4 threads under each section

-when I'm reading down the first page of a multi-page thread the screen eventually goes blank as I scroll downwards. I'm unable to access the 'next page' arrow or the 'add post' dialog box. I'm just sculling through oblivion.

-the overall 'action' of the GDP is pretty herky jerky meaning when moving your finger across the iPhone screen to scroll up or down through topics, the scrolling can feel 'stuck,' barely moving through the website or it all the sudden whizzes down through too many topics.

Bax- I don't mean to sound seem whiney. I'm just bringing these issues to your attention. For years I've been checking the GDP daily, usually a couple times throughout the day. The new site design (again as viewed on the iphone) has left me frustrated and unable to enjoy one of my Internet stalwarts. I decided to post this when I realized I had started avoiding the GDP gasp! Hopefully I'm shedding some light here.


Try the free Opera.

Only a few erros there:

Long post must be typed blind.

The edit mini menu won't appear.

Complex pages like the quizes won't work.

Other than that: WAAY faster than Safari, this Opera!

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