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A Great Country Music Surprise


What a nice story . . . thanks for posting it here, Deed.


What a great article! Thanks, Deed.


That was really a nice read. I had only one very brief encounter with Rose Lee and Joe when I was playing guitar for a gospel group back in the early 70's. Rose Lee and Joe came to an organized event in Ponca City, OK, I think it was. I don't remember too much about their singing, but I'll never forget that unbelievably full sound that seemed to cover all the bases from Joe's guitar. I'll bet she is a delight to be around.


I remember them from TV in SoCal when I was a kid. Great seeing that video. Looks like a Bigsby D18 Rose is playing there and the double necked Mosrite was a Joe Maphis trademark.

– Deed Eddy

That's the way it's done. I love that song! Still love the dim lights and loud, loud music, but as a former smoker, the thick smoke is unbearable.


I was lucky enough to play in a band with Jody Maphis, Joe and Rose Lee's son, and got know Rose Lee quite well personally. One couldn't meet anyone kinder, gentler, generous, and more willing to laugh. And all that is on top of her amazing talent and heavenly voice. Accolades would be hard pressed to find a more deserving recipient.


That was neat Deed, thanks for posting it.

Joe Maphis guitar work never ceases to amaze me, the speed he plays with, the quickness, the hybrid picking, and the fact that he makes it look effortless all just blow me away!

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