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iPad “Add post” problem


Apologies if asked before.

Frequently, tapping the add post button just gives a copy box. Only after tapping several times does the comment get posted and just now after tapping just to the right of the button.

iPad Air running ios8.

Any thoughts?


Same problem with mine. I blame Apple, Obama, and my fat old fingers.


If that's what caused the problem good luck with the fix.



I'm not sure what you mean.

Wait, I do know what you mean!

Sometimes everything is off, like when you edit the text, the cursor isn't in the correct position. It doesn't just happen here! I get it most on a couple of other forums.

It does seem to be Apple.

On one forum, trying to add a picture crashes Safari.

Closing Safari, sometimes rebooting the iPad helps on occasion.

I suspect the problem is different development teams editing the same code, and nobody having an overview of the whole operating system.

The only way these things get fixed is if you let Apple know directly. If you try posting information in public where Apple ought to be, but isn't looking, you will just get set upon by Apple goonies!


Happened with ios8.1 thru 8.4.

Typing this the first line was above the banner, this line is hidden. Text box appears after minimising the keyboard.

The copy box on tapping Add Post seems less frequent.


Wanted to post some pics but Safari on Mac crashes immediately if I try. The same on my Android phone with Chrome Browser? Where's the error happening - Me, myself, Apple, Google or the GDP


No problem with my Mac and Safari...


Let's see what we get with IOS v9.2.1... No issues here. Even the edit button works great.

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