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Internal Server Error- Can’t Update Profile or Gear Information


I quit visiting the forum for a few years and recently began to read the pages again. I've tried to update some outdated information but every time I try to save changes I get taken to a blank page with an "internal server error." Even more strangely, my display name has disappeared and my username appears on my posts...

Any ideas as to how I might fix this?



Me also, with pics


We had a database meltdown a couple of years ago that impacted some of that. Send Baxter an email and he can get you straightened out.

Welcome back.


Thanks, Ric12string. I'll contact Baxter (the PM is working?).


You can reach him at his screen name (at)gretschpages(dot)com.


I've got a space issue on the server I need to resolve. If may impact PMs too

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