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Brian Setzer plays the blues..w Bonamassa AGAIN (at Bonamassa’s show)


No doubt both those guys are good,very good but some of the scales Brian pulls off make my eyes cross up. And damnit man,those amps!!!


I was wondering when someone was going to post this, I saw it a few days ago...

Didn't bother posting it here, it makes all the Bona-haters come out of the woodwork LOL

They both did great, and Setzer sounded a lot better on this one than the last one- the last one was a very slow blues, this one is more of a boggie/jump blues- which is totally in Brian's wheelhouse of course. And Joe showed some restraint, which is a good thing for Joe LOL

The "duel" at the end was great!


I don't think I've ever heard Brian play a straight minor pentatonic even when a blues song begs for it. He always feels needs to add some kind of flair to spice it up, which of course makes it so interesting. My first guitar hero was Hendrix and SRV so I never got into the later incarnations like the Kenny Wayne's or Joe B's. I'm sure Joe is fantastic, but I always feel like it's been done.

Of course this is coming from a dude who does nothing but emulate and copy everyone these guys, so what do I know...?


I guess, Brian used the guitar, Tom settled up for him

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