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I’m confused(more than normal(ly)


Under Stalkin' after someone posts it leaves a link to a comment made but it doesn't actually take you there. It's workin' like a bad GPS getting around Baltimore I guess, gets you close but you have to look around to find it.


Either it is fixed, or it is the dreaded "intermittent glitch." I just clicked on your Partial Binding Rot ost listed in Stalkin' and it took me there, so I tried the next one and it also worked. Spooky.


i haven't had that problem. is it related to threads you began yourself, or to threads in general?


No it was related to the Baltimore RU links. It would list who posted and when I clicked on the link it was a road to nowhere.


I just noticed something interesting, click on the Baltimore updates and click on whatever X you have to keep it from fully loading and you'll see all the 'lost' comments.


Curt, you're right. The links to happenings commentsaren't building out correctly in stalking. I'll add it to the list.

As for the comments themselves, they're all there. Look in the menu under the event and you'll see a link to 'em.

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