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freehand pic = 1,000 words


Gretsch-A-Sketch seems not to be working. Yes/No? Yet so much can be conveyed better visually than verbally. I have an idea for a new thread that could use this feature to good effect. Other members could express themselves using it as well. If used, under which general topic could a link to freehand line drawings be inserted? This one? Anything lewd would be voted down, I'm sure.


I put my stuff under Vince Ray. As that's where bax directed art to go. Sometimes I think misc rumbles would be better


I considered both but it's not art I had in mind - more along the lines of diagrams and doodles. Meanwhile, the question remains: Is Gretsch-A-Sketch working? A trivial matter, I s'pose, with our host understandably preoccupied with more important fixes.


It sorta works. It's misaligned. It draws about 243 pixels below where you put your cursor so you can't see most of your drawing.


Right... Thanks, Bob. Still gremlins in the works though - it stops working as soon as you release your mouse button (or discontinue track pad contact?) then won't erase.



In an old thread I drew on paper then took photo then posted pic. I agree but don't use the etch


Hey, this Gretsch-A-Sketch feature is great once you get the hang of it! (wink)



Gretsch-A-Sketch seems to be working fine for me... had no problems sketching this up rather quickly..


Nicely done, TP. I knew it could be mastered with a little practice.


It's kinda finicky. The browsers moved how they supported things. Needs an update.


I can draw a straight line.

With a ruler.

And help.

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