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GDP on iPhone -advice please


I have 'Latest topics' on my home screen as a shortcut. But when I click on a link from within it it launches Safari in a new window. So to go back I have to close that window to return to the originally opened shortcut - which is not a Safari window.

Is this normal?


Same here, Deke. I decided not to use the shortcut icon but a regular bookmark of the 'Latest topics' site. iPhone 4 with Safari.


Have you tried the tips and tricks app? It's free



There may be a better way, but one option would be that, instead of saving the "Latest Topics" page as a home screen shortcut, go one level higher up to the gretschpages.com/forum and save that page.

Then, when you click on that, it will bring you to the main forum page - from there you can click Menu - Latest Topics and it will fire up Safari with the Latest Topics page. That way, when you click into any thread, you can click the back arrow and get back to Latest Topics.

Not perfect, but I think it will do what you want.

the other option, as Sascha is doing, is to simply use a bookmark.


I just downloaded a discussion. I push the app it takes me back to that discussion then I hit the menu button it takes me to main forum. From there you decide what you want latest topics etc


Everytime I try to log in from my iPod touch, it keeps telling me, my password is wrong. So I reset it, tried again, and it still tells me it's wrong.

So I just surf on the iPad, then come in here when I need to answer something.


Sometimes with my iPhone I have to sign in like two or three times


I've got an old 3G and safari does not work well with the site. So I switched to opera mini and it had worked well up until months ago. The site won't fully load and just recently photos aren't loading.

Is there another browser option I can try that works with this site?


Ah I see I'll have to update to iOS 4.3.!


The site is almost impossible to use with a 2G. When I type, the topic always rewinds to the top when I'm done. And if I type Proteus style, the text disappears under water after a certain length which forces me to guess what I typed. Since the big change, I can't open links in a new window or copy them; only open them in the actual window. Everything has become too click sensitive; I can only scroll by touching empty patches. Maybe antique phones are for losers. :|


Your phone isn't antique enough, Geoff. My phone has zero internet issues...


You and your candle stick phone...


And if I type Proteus style, the text disappears under water after a certain length which forces me to guess what I typed.

That's a built-in feature. No-one else is allowed writing "P-style". ;-)


Why are pics no longer appearing in threads? I'm using opera mini, iPhone 3G. Dang! What happened? It was fine weeks ago.


Maybe ditch Opera and reinstall it? Sometimes Bax's site upgrades were disasterous for the 2G while other people got a better site. I now have a 4 and it's way better. Only sometimes when I follow a link, I can't go back.


I'm trying to figure a way to upgrade my I-4 to I-5. I just want to be more up to date. I know a few of you guys got one when they came out.

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