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Falcon FSR’s in the registry?


Just thought I'd ask if any thought has been given to having a Falcon FSR page in the registry?

Last year I bought a White Falcon Jr (with the 16" 6120 style body, not the weird looking 14" body), and have been trying to figure out the best place to put it in the registry, as it doesn't really fit into any of the categories that are there.

A thought crossed my mind that a section simply covering all Falcon FSR's (candy apple red; ocean turquoise; surf green etc.) could be a winner?


All Falcons are special; an FSR more so but it's still a Falcon. Baxter might make a "Custom Shop" page but I'm thinking even then that it would "just" be a Custom Shop version of a particular guitar. Just my $0.02.


It ain't a custom shop Falcon. It's a Terada made FSR, similar to the candy apple red; ocean torquoise; GAK lake placid blue, and 'Kenny' Falcon Juniors, only white. There seems to be enough colour variants to warrant a Falcon FSR-JR page, I reckon, only don't have it colour specific. There is already a page just for the seafoam green one. Why not alter the page title so all 16" bodied Falcons could be included, rather than just one colour is all I am asking.


Echo-orbit, what's the model number on yours?


Hi Baxter,

The model number is: G6136T-FSR JR. This is the one on the tag inside the body, when looking through the f-hole.

Hope this helps.


Yeah, I think we need to get myself or Tartan Phantom to add that model.


Tim, I can add it, but should I add it as just a 6136T-JR, where any Junior Falcon with that 6136 class JR model number (FSR or otherwise) can be placed in that category, or should we specially designate it exclusively as FSR? If we add it as a general category, then the owner can enter the FSR information into the special factory features section-- in most cases the FSR color won't be specifically available in the finish choice drop-down-- because there are so many FSR colors throughout different models.

Please note that the older Junior Falcons have different model numbers (G7594-- double cut) and the Centerblock Jr. Falcon has a number of G6112.


I'd be inclined to put it on. As the label reads, but you're right, FSRs are going to be tough to categorize. We should also differentiate that these aren't Jr like the other Jrs are.


Maybe 6136T-JR 16" and 6136T-JR 14" as a way to differentiate? Spit-balling...

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