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Tried to send Bax a message to update my password and the email got rejected: "host cdptpa-pub-iedge-vip.email.rr.com[] refused to talk to me: 554 ERROR: Mail Refused"


Bill, it could be a function of the problems that the GDP has with using the site to send emails to other members. It used to work really slick; now, however, it seems to not work more often than it does. Bax told me once that it was somehow related to an incompatibility of the GDP's architecture for emails with Yahoo's email system. In my own experience, however, it seems as if it fails with more than merely Yahoo email addresses.

Bax, is there any means for the GDP to have a different email system that would allow us to communicate more efficiently with one another? I know that you are very busy, but it would be a major plus if we were able to resolve this email situation.


Yahoo's getting iffier by the day. They're being bought by Verizon, and just had a data breach involving over 500 million accounts. I wound up going to Gmail because Yahoo was problematic.


I understand that you don't like Yahoo. But, unless everyone on the GDP is willing to get off Yahoo email, then we still need to have some kind of an email system where people can communicate with Yahoo users.


Except I'm not on Yahoo. My email is Road Runner (Time Warner).


Except I'm not on Yahoo. My email is Road Runner (Time Warner).

– Bill Howell

Exactly, Bill. While the problem was first reported with Yahoo email addresses, it now seems like there are problems with all email.


I'm having the same problem. I can only log in on one machine in Windows.

I'm getting the 'aw nuts' page when I try to reset my password. I tried to contact Bax via PM and email but I get no response.

It kinda sux, whenever I wanna post something I have to boot the machine in Windows 10. That takes forever to boot up and is just slow. In Linux Mint it's like greased lightning.


Bax, I've set up a few mailservers if you need a hand.


So, you can reach Bax at the following address (insert the correct information):


I tried to send Dave_K an email last week through the website's email function, and it came bouncing back to me, so I know also that this email issue continues to be a problem.

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