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Vintage Lap Steels Need a Category in the Database



I have a 1957 6147 Lap Steel that I've not uploaded to the database because the only place where I can put it would be under the reissue "historic series". My OCD compulsions keep me from adding it there. Shouldn't there be a section for vintage things like this?



Bueller? Bueller?

Bax, Bax?


I just bought a '55 Gretsch Mainliner lapsteel too... need a database section!


You're right. I'll add it to the list.


...and banjos? ...and resonators?

Glad it's you and not me having to deal with all this, Bax...


Banjo's ain't Guitars, Resonaters might be.

It's hard to draw the line what belong in the database. Is the database for just guitars or all things Gretsch?

I'd have no heartburn at all if it were limited to what we consider traditional "Guitars" and leave lapsteels and the like out. But I'd also like to see Mandolins Banjos and the other folk instruments included. It all depends on what Bax envisions - an how much work/time he has.

We have a drum section in the forum, so maybe we need a drum database 8-o


I think the database approach works for Gretsch instruments with serial numbers. But ukes and Mandos and many banjo models did not have those. Not that you couldn't develop a "gallery" to show all the different types of those instruments, but building a database doesn't do much good in my mind.

If we did have a Lapsteel database, and since the 50s Gretsch models share the same serial numbering as the Supro brand (and others), it would be interesting to see if there are any obvious trends, like batches, etc.


Curto... there's a guy here in Kansas City who's "the man" when it comes to Gretsch drum chronology and the serial numbering methodology. If you think the guitar system(s) were confusing... the drums are worse! He's published his findings and they will be included in a new book being developed on the Gretsch drum line. He's a cool guy who's REALLY into the data.

I only mention it, because his work is way ahead, and anything we do here would be redundant, however... there is no known resource like that for Gretsch banjos and Lapsteels, so this would add some value to the GDP as a historical archive (IMHO).


Ed, my thoughts are similar to yours. Just explaining that the valco-made stuff will not match up with Gretsch SNs has been a common email exchange for me over the years.

On the other hand, Valco appears to have been way more consistent with their SNs.


Hey Bax,

I see you added an "Other stringed instruments" Category. I'll get some good pix taken of my Lapsteel and add it ASAP!


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