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Was there some sort of crash? Where are posts from the late nineties till about 2011? Wealth of information and pics there. Just wondering. Things happen. Thank you.


Yep, almost 3 years ago. Still makes me sad. The database will never be the same again. But such things happen and in the end there's worse things in life. And the GDP still is a cool place to hang around.

Here's what you need to know: http://gretschpages.com/art...


Definitely a cool place to hang around! We can rebuild!!!!!!!!


As we say at Purdue---"One brick higher."

The biggest problem of "The Crash" to me was the withdrawal symptoms. I cold turkey quit cigarettes after decades of smoking. It was easier to take than the sudden lack of Gretsch Pages. We've lost some members in the meanwhile, and gained others. Life goes on.


I think the pre-2006 stuff has been lost for a long time. The crash of '14 wasn't the first. Some of those previous crashes were completely unrecoverable.

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