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Can’t upload pic from SD card.


Hey guys, I'm tired of dealing with photo hosting sites, so I tried to load a pic directly from my SD card. I'm successful using the camera icon to locate my pic file, but when I try to upload to the GDP, CTRL+U, nothing happens.Can anybody help?


Hey Twom,

Try loading to your pc first, then to the website.

Merry Christmas.


Testing weird '58 6120.


I use imgur. It works and still free......for now


Well, I'm confused. I was successfully loading pics from my pc to the GDP, but now I can't.

I can get as far as browse with the picture icon, but nothing happens after that. If I choose a pic on my pc, it doesn't upload.

If I hit add post, I get: "This field is required"


Testing . . . uploading works for me, from a PC. Minimum number of pixels is 720, & I think you have to have a little bit of text accompanying the photo.

(this view is of Mount Washington in New Hampshire, for anyone interested)

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