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Can’t Post - 500 Internal Server Error


Can log-in but cannot post.


Ha, until just this second.


Never Mind. Move along. Nothing to see here.


Actually, it appears that this is the only section I can add a post or reply. :(


I've been seeing this error since last night --- hence my blank avatar!


This is a drag. On the bright side, at least we can post here to make the problem known!

Originally I thought it may have something to do with posting pix, as I was trying comment in the pedal boards thread and start a new post in the Bassment. But I cannot even add text.


It is Baxter's newest feature...GDP Purgatory. One step away from hell, which is total banishment from the site.


I know I haven't been contributing much lately, but I haven't been a jerk either. Jeesh!

I have a new project starting, which means I bought new gear. You guys like new gear! I wanted to show off my new gear!


I got the Server error yesterday too when I wanted to post in the pedalboard topic. Bax told me last time this happened that he had to clear some space. Some kind of full hard drive error. So if you are uploading pictures directly to the site you get the error. So when that happens I just use Photobucket and all is fine.


Thanks for passing that along, Danman!


I get that error when trying to post a picture from my computer. Any ideas?


I get that error when trying to post a picture from my computer. Any ideas?

– charlie chitlins

Charlie, until Baxter cleans out more space in the server, we aren't able to upload photographs from our computers. Instead, you can only link to a photograph that has an existing URL address.


Perhaps, this would be an opportune time to "Contribute" to Bax's effort?! Over there >>>>>


I've cleared a bunch of stuff up. Hopefully the wolves will be at bay awhile.

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