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Can’t get home page to display


When I come to the Gpages from my favorites, it always displays the Event page, and then I go to home page from there. The last couple of days it just goes to the Aw Nuts error page. Anybody else having problems?


I was also getting the "Aw Nuts" page on one of our computers. Not sure why, but after a reboot, it's fine now.


I have only been able to access from my phone today


Same here. And still getting it. I thought the forum was down most of yesterday, not realizing it was just the home page.


Ha! Just tried it again on my computer and it’s working. Thanks Bax.


Home page was down for the last 24 hours or so. Back up now.


I was also getting the "Aww Nuts" page until just now.


I've been getting the 404 Aw Nuts page for the past 26 hours despite re-boots. Magically came back 30 minutes ago--and I couldn't be happier.


Me too for the "Aww Nuts" thing for the last 24+ hours (??) Now it is fixed!! You guys are the BEST!!


I was having the same problem and it seems OK but noticed it just happened when trying to open up the Adineko thread in the Pedals section.

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