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Can not add a picture


I do not recall having an issue either uploading a pic (file size is not too big) or copying a pic url address. Now I can't seem to do either. I click on the camera icon and the choose file dialog box opens. I select choose file and my pic folder opens and I select a picture but then no way to post it.

Has something changed?


There are periodic problems that seem to resolve somehow (usually)

I did find you can't add pix to something you already posted and then go in to edit. You have to put it in a new comment

But enormo file sizes do cause problems also.


Thanks - No I did research about pic size and none of my pics should have exceeded the size limits I saw. I tried to include a pic in an original and an edited post and NADA. Very strange. Something has changed.


I have used Rowyco .. did a great sparkle on one my Ricks


Picpost is working normally for me.


I have used Rowyco .. did a great sparkle on one my Ricks

– DCBirdMan

I have as well - cool dude and great paint - the image I linked is a random one and not mine though.


My experience is you can’t post a pic in the first post in a thread.


Hmmm. No reason that should be so. Mark, tell me about the file: type, size, etc.


Everytime I try to upload a photo from my phone I have to do it twice. Works fine the second time though.


Baxter - sorry about the delay. I have posted pics here in the past. I tried plenty of pics on my pc none being very large and I can't seem to find anyplace where I can link an address for a url or a YouTube vid anymore.

The pic option here is a little camera in the option bar. When I select that there is a Choose File dialog box. I select that and I can upload a picture from my Win10 PC (i use mostly Chrome). It shows the pic file I chose but no way to insert it in the dialog posting space.


OK it allowed me to post a pic and a link to a video so my apologies. Gheesh!


Tim - Picpost??? I had to look that one up...


When you upload a photo, you don't need to then insert it into the post, it will be added automatically.

To add a YouTube video or externally-hosted photo, just post the URL.


Just a bump to remind us what we were talking about before 1/2/21, The GDP's Lost Day.

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