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Hybrid Taylor T5


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I stumbled across this demo while looking for something else... and it was something else! Just a very versatile guitar, wouldn't you agree?


That's Grammy-award-winning ('05) guitarist Wayne Johnson ex-"Manhattan Transfer" playing. Sweet!


You're right, it's very versatile and looks great, too.


I've played it and it has a nice woodsy tone but can be a little thin. You can apply overdrive but that's not its bread and butter. I was pleasantly surprised at the acoustic jazz tone and works very well with that jazz strumming or "chunking".

You can get some really nice "Wind Cries Mary" type Hendrix Strat tone out of it. It actually excels at that and has a beautiful depth in this area. It's wider at the nut than the Strat and like that too.


They look pretty nice! Never played one though. Lipstick looks good

But on the twin pickup version, they could get that neck pickup like another inch away from the bridge. Get that thing closer to the nut!


I was on a cruise in April and one of the entertainers had a T5 just like that one in the demo, but with the dark koa top. One day when they were playing in the atrium area, I took a shot and approached him just to ask about it when they took a short break. The guy plugged it in and handed it to me!

It is a sweet, likeable instrument. Unplugged, it'd be a great couch guitar, and plugged in, the versatility was surprising. Plus it felt very nice -balanced, light weight.

If I was in the mood, I would be looking for one. Of course, I'd probably have to sell of a couple of others to pay for it- those walnut tops are not exactly cheap, but they are really sweet!


I had the Koa topped T-5 when they first came out. The most beautiful instrument I have ever seen. It is called and Electric-Acoustic as opposed to the other way around. When people would ask me about it I would say, "it is neither". I found it to be utterly useless for Classic Rock and sold it within months of purchase. It is not one I have regrets about selling.

If on the other hand I was a jazzer and could play like Wayne...


I played a T5 for a long time at GC a few years back. It was a very satisfying to play. Extremely comfortable with a great neck. It seems like a perfect guitar for a plugged-in acoustic gig. I saw a custom 3 pickup T5 at Melodee Music in Sterling for a stupidly low price. Wish I'd bought it.


The $2,000+ price point of the different models certainly is a determining factor. It's apples and oranges to even mention in the same sentence with, say, a Chet Atkins type Gretsch but that puts it in perspective for value. In the "Acoustic-on-steroids" category, worth a mention performance-wise, it seems. Thanks for your hands-on comments, guys.


Update to z :

The more-recent T5z puts more emphasis on the electric than the acoustic properties, says Taylor. Here - judge for yourself.


Interesting thread. Two of my friends who purchased and gigged with T5's ended up getting rid of them within a year or two or buying them. One had serious problems with the structure of the guitar due to the arid conditions in which we live in the Sierra Nevada.


I can see it has limited uses in a number of genres, the OD examples in the demo, while suprising, left me a little cool, but its still a sweet player, and versatile enough for mostfolk rock`type gigs, which is what 90% of mine have been in the past five years or so. I think if I had that one, the strat and the FJ would stay home, but the Tak12 would still be coming along.


I saw a guy playing one at a farmers market this weekend. Beautiful to look at, with a dark burst koa top.

I thought it sounded great for the tunes he was playing (mostly strumming on original tunes & some covers, along the lines of Jackson Browne or James Taylor).

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