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Blurry Pix on the Main Page


Is it just me, or are the pix on the main page blurry for everyone else? Looks like what you get when you blow up a tiny thumbnail...


I believe that is why Bax asks members to upload 'high resolution' images when they upload. The site software will do all the auto-sizing.


I suspect something else is going on, nice big clear pix in the posts appear as a fuzzy mess on the main page...


It's something to do with the main page. The main page is autocropping it. If you right click and view as, you get this picture, (and you can see the code in the link to the image that it is autocropping to 140x140)

It's autocropping it to appear as a thumbnail. But if you follow the link to the original location of the picture it's a full size version.


Yup. The front page application appears to be automatically resizing from the image thumbnail, not the original image itself.

It's buried in code somewhere.

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