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Pre FMIC Duo Jet vs current double jet 5445t


So here's my first post. I'm currently looking for my first Gretsch. Was gonna go full out and buy a 6122 or 6122jr which I played and liked a lot. But have decided to scale back a bit and keep some money around for touring / recording etc...

So my question. There is a Pre FMIC Duo Jet around that I think I hope I can get for around $1200 Canadian. 90's Jet. Another option would be for the 5445t or 5655t, brand new, $540/$1000 ish plus taxes and case.

I read that both generally get upgraded pickups/bridge. Will I be better off buying the less chambered pre FMIC? The person who owns it put on an american bigsby and roller bridge. I've read about comtons and tru arcs, but would reserve judgment until I was playing it. Or, would I end up with a better guitar with a fully upgraded 5445t with tv jones and tru arc/compton etc...? I can easily go either way price wise. But the Japanese Duo Jets around here are not common to come by often and when I have seen them, they've all been Dynas and about $1700-$2200 and it's just not what I'm looking for.

So any, comments about playability, sound, neck profile? Some opinions from people who've played both would be appreciated.


Most people find no need to change the pickups on any of the instruments you mentioned. It really comes down to personal preference. It's a matter of feel, sound, and weight but probably not pickups.


Well that gives a lot more faith in that part then. I just read about the ceramic pickups being harsh. Obviously I'd let er rip for a while to check them out before drawing any conclusions. I really wish there were more of these things around my parts to try them before I buy them. Feels too big a choice to make to order online without feeling the guitar in your hands.


Yeah, the 6122jr actually. Other than being a bit neck heavy, it was heaven.

How do the neck profiles on the early 90's Jets compare to current ones?


No contest imo - buy the 90's Duo Jet if its in good condition :) Pro series Gretsch are just higher quality guitars all round. You can always swap out PUPs & bridges later if you want.

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