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BirdMan makes a suggestion


I think we could do well with a dedicated section for the Chet-heads, about Chet. Sometimes posts come up under Other Players or vintage Gretsch, or You Tube but of anyone, he should have a section. Like if there's even an Eliot Easton section, there ought be a Chet-specific, all-Chet-all-the-time section where we can torment The Norm w/ serious tweaky Chet gear questions as well as style topics

Hey also I have my site settings on light, but it keeps revertin' back to dark. I say light should be the default .. .but regardless, why does this happen? I use the latest Firefox, btw.


+1 on the Chet deal DC, Can't help on the other tho.... :(


I've still never heard a single tune by Chet...I'm way out of touch...can you recommend a good album to start out with, Birdman? Thanks!!!!


Just go to YouTube, John, and put in Chet's name in the search box. Just click on any one of them and it will be a great performance that you will like.


That's a good idea. The Chet Set, perhaps. Or Atkins Diet. Or All Things Chet.

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