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Aww Nuts! Anyone Having Problems Getting On To The GDP?


The last few days have been difficult to get on to the GDP. When I have been successful in doing so (only after repeated tries and patience waiting for the page to populate), most of the threads that we had been discussing in the days prior to the problems starting have seemed to disappear. I know that Bax has probably jumped into action to deal with this, but it would be great to learn just what has happened...??


Bob, I've been having trouble getting on for the last few days, also. as you said, I, too, figured that Mr. Baxter has been working on the problem. so, I am patiently waiting for the problem(s)(?) to be solved.


Sludge in the Interweb pipes, probably. I can wait for Bax to fix things---this site is worth the wait.


Bax answered my email with "network" issues and he answered my Facebook post a bit ago saying "they" are working on it. It also looks very different. I want to go back way back to before the "BIG" crash while we're wishin. And, I want Proteus to BE HERE NOW!


Three tries and 15 minutes to post that last entry. Bye Bye Baby Bye Bye, for now.


Add me to the having trouble list. I have to hit Reload a time or more often twice before I can get here. Been going on since last night.


I seem to be able to open any one page, but if I try to change to a different topic or thread, it goes straight to "aw nuts!". Been like that for a couple of days.

Now, to see if this posts.

And the first two attempts bounced to "aw nuts" then it posted anyway?? Odd.


I can't write the message 5 times and keep my sanity.


All due respect to Bax, I am a member of no other forum that has had the number of problems this one has. I keep coming back because of the people, but I'm not a fan of the software/server/whatever else keeps going wrong periodically here.


It's not just this forum having network issues.

The other Gretsch forum is currently experiencing network issues as well, primarily with multiple/duplicate posts/posts not showing up the first time posted.

Gibson conspiracy maybe?


So sit back and do something life threatening.

It's a forum after all...


Aye,same here the last few days ,but on the upside i actually played my guitar for more than hour yesterday!


Attempt #3: When I am able to get on the forum, I am shown only five or six streams in the Latest Active Topics; we haven't had the three or four pages of Latest Active Topics for some time, come to think of it. It would be good to know just what is wrong.


I agree with the others.The same here.Hope it'll be fixed the next time :)


From what I understand, the problem is not with the GDP, or with the site's architecture. Rather, it is a "network" problem of some kind with the site's server where the GDP is hosted. Bax has told me that the database is just fine (well backed up, too). So, presumably, once the host gets its end figured out, Bax will be able to resurrect the GDP.


It just worked for me and instantly too, not the interminable delay followed by that message.


still sporadic on my end.... and yeah, this smacks of a network/host issue, not a GDP site issue.


yeah!!!! first time in days I could get in here and log in!! I'm pathetic, I missed this place :)


Seems perfectly normal this morning. I wonder if Tim has any hair left?


As I pondered the difficulties Tim must be working on this last week, my mind drifted back to my youth...and MAD Magazine.

The parody was "Star Trek".

Capt. Kirk screams into his Communicator to the Engine Room...

"Scotty, I need FULL POWER!"

Scotty, sheepishly with concern, pushes the button on the wall as the Red Lights flash and speaks back to his Captain...

"But, Cap'n, you know what happened the last time we went to full power..."

Kirk now yells even louder...

"I want two Hamsters on every treadmill!"..."NOW!"

Then Scotty, again...

"But, Cap'n, ... The last time we ended up at less than 1/2 power within minutes and thousands of baby Hamsters three weeks later!"

Then Kirk...



I've had the same problems as described above.

Not the end of the world..... Gives me more time to spend playing guitars rather than reading about them.

Besides, we have been seeing some spring-like weather here (eastern PA) .... It feels great to spend time outside and breathe in the fresh air!


As posted elsewhere, it appears to have been a server/network issue. Eventually, they just migrated everything to a new box and that appears to have fixed it.


Whew! I was Jonesin'. I almost had to talk to my family.


Geez I missed you guys! (And you think you're pathetic, Tavo?)

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