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500 Internal Server Error


Could be me. Embedded YouTube vids may be blocked.


That thread worked fine for me.


Must be on your end, Charlie.


It's because of that critical remark that you posted in another thread. You've been blocked.


I'm getting the error about 50% of the time right now.... Been doing some experimenting.

When I hit the top level of a discussion, all is well, and I can move through the responses, even add one (like this). However, if I try to go straight to the latest response, even in the same discussion, I get the error message. And one other thing- after the error, I found myself mysteriously signed out and had to log in again.

Thought it was me. Perhaps not.

Something's amiss... Bax, if you`re around, please note?

EDIT (10 mins later)- And now it's not happening.... go figure. I sure can't.


Working OK here on the other side of the planet.


I've had the sign out/sign in thing happen to me once a month or so. I figure it's due to this IPad, my fat fingers, and the auto incorrect settings. The "Add post" can take a few tries as well.


Most sites where you have to log in will periodically require you to log back in again if you haven't logged off for some period of time. I get that occasionally on the GDP.


No worries. The biggest gripe I have is the "Add post" quirkiness.

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