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25th Anniversary


Theres alot of "Man-Love" happening here...


Theres alot of "Man-Love" happening here...

– LA_Manny

As long as we don’t start sharing recipes and posting funny cat videos, we’ll be ok.


Theres alot of "Man-Love" happening here...

– LA_Manny

Well, Bax is pretty much The Man around here, and he’s earned some love.


I found this place in 2010 when I was searching for a reliable source for a bridge base that I needed for my Chet. At the time, the Canadian distributor was being a trifle obstreperous and wasting a lot of my time coming up with reasons why I could order one, but it might be a long time before it actually made its way back to me.

I started with a question- can anyone here help me source an OEM bridge base?- and received three emails in the next 48 hours. One was from Joe C, who asked for some details.

In the end I got the base, all was well and the distributor got at least a stern lecture from Joe. In the meantime, I met Ric12, Tavo and Deed, among others, and decided that even though I had only one single Gretsch in my collection, I had found a home on the 'net.

So I joined, and I stayed.

Thank you for everything, Tim. Truly do not know what I might have done if I hadn't tripped over your project, here!

(Well, I may have cut the grass a little more often, but...)


I apologize for being late to the party. I've been on vacation since Dec. 20, and during that time I've not spent a ton of time on forums & such. Back to the grind for me this coming Monday, though.

Anyway, I joined in July 2007, about a week after I purchased a Pre-FMIC Electromatic SparkleJet. Didn't know squat about Gretsch other than the name recognition and a few players who were synonymous with the brand.

Boy, have I learned a lot in 12.5 years. So my tenure is basically the half-life of the site.


Just saw this ,congratulations Tim. You the man,and the gang here is the mostest.


Just wanted to say, thank you all for the lovely thoughts here. I appreciate it.


Congratulations on the anniversary - website passion projects are a tremendous amount of work (mostly uncredited), and you've weathered many storms. Thanks for creating this resource - and more importantly - keeping it running.


I think I joined about 1998 or so about some bridge issues I was having with my Tennessean. I think I solved this by filing the bridge slot a little.

However, bridge issues are still fun for me.

Thanks for hanging on for the many troll attacks over the years.

Best regards, Lee


No screenshot from back then, Tim? (Were those feasible at all?)


I wish I had screen shots of the first pages back on the asu servers. It was pretty homely.


Tim, A little late to this. First of all, congratulations. Second, but most important is a heartfelt thank you for doing what you do. I too came here for a little technical info and have come away with some wonderful friends (yourself included) as well as memories that I'll cherish forever. You have created a community the likes of which cannot be found anywhere else.


Thanks for keepin' on keepin' on, Tim; it can't be easy, but you sure make it look like it is!


Thanks for all the hard work you put into this site! Congratulations and here's to 25 more years!


I joined the party in 2001, so I'm startling my 20th year here. It's been a great vehicle and a wonderful ride. Still is. Ya done good, Bax, and ya still do!

I need to photograph what I have and enter it in the database... I am so far behind on that.



Time flies when you're having fun.

I joined in 2002 I think (then the 2006 reset happened), bought a Clipper from then-GDPer Amoun (thus joining Bax's Clipper appreciation society!), met great people in real life eg Danman and Shuie (aka Ade), struck up great conversations with a lot of you folks - Tim Proteus, JBGretschguy and of course Dan Duffy spring to mind...

Thanks so much Bax, an achievement for sure.


The Gretsch Pages has been a huge source of education, camaraderie and joy for me since I joined back in the last decade. Because of this site, the people here and what I have learned through them I have been able to successfully build and setup my own guitars, mod my Gretsch guitars with wisdom, meet some amazing people virtually and analogly at a SoCal Roundup and I am thankful to have experienced Jeff Beck, Duane Eddy and Paul Pigat play on the same stage together when the Cliff Gallup Duo Jet was released at NAMM.

Thanks Baxter for enhancing my life!

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