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25th Anniversary


Well, here we are in 2020, which means that at some point this year this site will hit 25 years old.

I say "at some point" because in the early days, I didn't really keep track of any of it all that well. I never dreamed I'd still be doing it all these years later.

At the ripe old age of 25, I'd wager it's one of the longest-running sites still on the internet. To put it in perspective, Amazon started less than a year before. Ebay started around the same time. Google was still three years from existing, and Facebook wouldn't start up for almost a decade. In fact, Gretsch themselves didn't get on the internet until January 1996.

There just wasn't anything about Gretsch out there on those much sparser internet days, so there was a lot of room for a dumb kid to get by on relentless enthusiasm and dogged determination alone. It sure wasn't smarts.

I don't think the site always gets the credit due for how much work went into documenting Gretsch history and guitars, and bringing together people to help do that. We filled in a LOT of blanks, especially in the early days. Now there are folks like Ed Ball exhaustively documenting everything, but for a long time, it was just this site, and a lot of folks copying the literally thousands of pages of content created here.

And that's not counting the forum. What a wild ride the forum has been. Couldn't ask for a better bunch of folks to take that ride with, though. Well, with maybe a few exceptions

And so here we are. I've changed an awful lot. The internet's changed around the site, and so has the world. And yet, here we are.

Happy 2020, everyone. And a happy 25th Anniversary to the Gretsch Pages: The original & most complete source of Gretsch guitar info. Since 1995.


Congrats, bud. Do you have any idea how much your post shows that you ROCK? Had it not been for this site, I wouldn’t have met so many folks that I now have the honor to consider friends. On top of that, it gave me the opportunity to reconnect with our resident genius, Proteus. A fact for which I’ll be eternally grateful. Also, how else would we have otherwise gotten to experience the ball of joyful awesomeness that is the lovely and talented Mr. Joe Carducci? I ask ya!!!!


Thank you Tim for your guidance and wisdom. Without this site I would have never discovered the rich legacy of Gretsch guitars and the accumulated knowledge of the many valuable contributors here.


Congrats for sure Tim!! I myself can remember the day signing up to ask about a Historic J45 I had come into possession of and got a ton of info from Rob (Tartan Phantom) on the whole damn collection which blew me away.To which has this place has opened more knowledge not just on Gretsch but music in general that I’ve missed out on,artists and other worldly info from a bunch of great people here....even got to meet Deed and Duane in Nashville because of your site Tim.You’ve done good here my man!!!!


Happy Anniversary !!!

Congratulations, Tim ! not bad for someone from "dear ol' Luzianne". I came here trying to find some information about my old '59 Annie and found a lot bigger world of Gretsch guitars that I never knew about.


Congrats and thanks. This place has not only been a great source of information, but has also resulted in many friendships and good times. Hard to top that.


I agree with all above. I came here looking for reverb circuit ideas and never left. Lots of friendships made here.

Thanks Tim.


Nice post Bax, but the responses from these other guys reminds me of the wonderful friendships I’ve made in the last 10 years. This alone is priceless but the added value of the info and opinions has been invaluable to me. Congrats and thanks for everything.


You were (and still are) the right guy at the right time. Congrats on doing such a great job with this. Please don't think of retiring any time soon.......


Wow, that's a milestone to be proud of. Congrats!


It’s great to be part of the community. Thanks for all the work over the last 25 years Bax.


Tim, you created more than a massive repository of knowledge about this grand brand of guitars (which would have been enough to brag on for a lifetime). You also created a community––one that has enriched many people's lives, mine included.

I congratulate you for the accomplishments and thank you from the bottom of my heart.



I have no idea how I became a member here.

Part of the witness protection program and mind erase protocol, if I recall correctly.

I can tell you that I've met some wonderful people and have traveled to fun places because of this place.

Thanks, Tim.

As we say in Joisey, You Aiight!


Happy Anniversary! Thanks for all you have done, do, and will do, Bax!


This is truly a special place. Add me to the list of people who came here for a little information and got way more than any reasonable person could expect.

I got that information. And friendships, experiences (both humbling and enriching), I learned what an “online community” (FWIW I hate that phrase) could be, got off the charts entertainment, completely off topic thought provoking essays, some of the best road trips of my life, introductions to some of my heros, meeting new heros, encouragement, travelogues, brunch guides, appeals to my better nature, and somehow I still have not learned how not to write a run on sentence.

That’s gonna kill my journalism career, Bax.

I haven’t really said anything anyone else hasn’t already said, but one other thing that brings me back here is the site’s innate optimism. Not sure how you do it Bax, but please don’t stop.

Happy anniversary - and many more.


Looks like I let 13 years go by without joining. I was probably lurking for a lot of that time. Congratulations on a milestone, Bax. And thanks for all you do and have done!


Happy Anniversary, thanks for giving me a place to talk guitars and music, it has allowed me to stop boring the pants off the non-music folks I share my world with.


An amazing achievement. I've learned so much on this site over the years and met some great people too.

It's still the only guitar site I bother with.

Thanks for starting it up in the first place and for all the work you've put into this community


Congratulations Bax. because of the list I met several cool people and made friends. Among them the great Joe Carducci in germany. I did not know the list existed when I got my first gretsch in 1994, but I learned a lot when joining in januari 2007. Phew! is it that long agoo? I'm getting old


Can't thank you enough for starting this amazing site....here's to you


Congrats on 25 years. I love this forum and all the information it contains. Super Site and Super People!


Congratulations, Tim, on a job well done. 25 years is quite an accomplishment. I'm a very new comer, just shy of years into my journey here, and I would like to take the opportunity to tell you just how much I appreciate your site, and all of work that has gone into it. I stumbled upon this site, while I was going through some tough times, and I've been hooked ever since. Thank you, from the depths of my heart, for keeping this remarkable place going.


It's the people.

And you are # 1, Tim!

This place got me hooked after I came to ask a question about a Gretsch that I had just ordered on Ebay. I started scrolling through the pages and read some very cool stuff from some very cool people and now I know a lot of those people.

The roundup's have been an experience that I never thought that I would ever attend and certainly not ever coordinate. I have made life long friends and will cherish those friendships forever.

Thank you Tim and Gretsch guitars.


Congratulations Baxter, quite an accomplishment!!!!...this is one of the few sites that I make a point of visiting at least once everyday.


It's so good t see that we still have some of the 1990s crew - Paul Setzer, Deke, myself, and others. The Roundups that came from this page have been some of the best times of my entire life - and given me some of the best friends, too.

Thank you, Bax and Gretsch and all who make the magic happen at every level!

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