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2015 Mississippi Thing…


Would it be possible to cover this thing as a thread rather than the broken Happenings Page? Please, just this one time to see how it tracks?

I really hate to waste the time to write this but everything gets lost over there. Sure it'll be there "forever" but what good does that do if no one looks? The pictures are tiny, you can't go backwards and I've been attempting to look to see who's going for a week but that's not working either.


I'd be happy to post pic's and video here.


You can post it anywhere you want. If you post it there, I'll have a full record that can be output any way, in any size, in perpetuity. You can post it here, and a lot of people will see it this week, and then it's gone. It's your choice. I'm not going to argue over it, and I'm not going to go around trying to clean up after anyone. If you think it's worth keeping, post it there. If you just want to post it, then post it where ever you want.


"The 2015 Mississippi Thing"

Now THAT sounds like the beginning of a good blues song... Somebody attending needs to write it!

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