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2015. A great year for me on the GDP. What were your favorite threa…


All the posts of members playing their Gretsches. Such a variety of music.


Don't know the exact title but it let you say what you don't like without retribution.

The thread about the mystery of how the CG serial number plate - 26401 - ended up on the wrong guitar. I'd spoken with the seller and we had quite the discussion here!

The 'Things you don't see anymore' thread I started was also a lot of fun. Was quite a fun stroll down memory lane.

And of course any thread involving Super Chets and my thread about bagpipes titled 'Worst noise ever'.

Probably some more but these come to mind.


Many fine threads hosted by any number of members. Can't point to any one or two in particular. One thing I noticed over the course of 2015 was that the GDP was generally much more civil than it might have been in past years. A trend I enjoyed. Also, many new and interesting members, and lots of sincere and mutual support amongst elder alumni. Overall, I continue to be impressed by the quality and variety of the discourse displayed here. Proud to be a member...


What I forgot in my list above of favorite threads are all the ones posted by Taffy of his playing, which is eerily reminiscent of Jerry Reed. His latest, Lightning Rod should IMO, set a record for most replies congratulating him on the finest bit of skilled playing ever posted on this website. I defy anyone to submit a tune by anyone that shows more magnificent skill that this one.


Recording at Sun, in Memphis with my son on drums and GDP brother, JBGretschguy on lead, playing NJBob's Gretsch.


Like Windsordave, I enjoyed the "Things you don't see anymore" and Bagpipe threads. Mostly, I've enjoyed the great people on the GDP.

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