Gretsch Discussion Pages


Vintage Gretsch Guitars
From Brooklyn to Baldwin.
Modern Gretsch Guitars
From Traveling Wilburys to today.
The Bass-ment
For players of Gretsch basses and other big boomy things.
Historics and Synchromatics, too!
Let’s talk pickups


Gretsch Amps
From Valco to Victoria
Other Amps
All makes, all models, all years.


Elliot Easton's Tiki Lounge
Talk Tikis and Jets with Elliot.
Duane Eddy's House of Twang
Duane’s the man. Always.
Your Tunes
Got a tune in your heart? Share it.
Other Players
Talk about great Gretsch players, or great non-Gretsch players.
On the 'tube
Videos. Share ‘em.
Billy Zoom's Jet Set
Chat with Billy Zoom and find out about his signature Jet


Dan Duffy's Corner
Dan was head of Gretsch quality control from 1957 to 1970.
The Workbench
Got a tech question? Want to share what’s on your bench? This is the spot.

Other Stuff

Meet & Greet
Say howdy, if you like.
About the Gretsch Pages
Questions and comments about The Gretsch Pages.
Miscellaneous Rumbles
If you’re off-topic before you even start, then start here.
Gretsch Garage Sale
Buy. Sell. Be kind and kick a buck or two our way.
Gretsch Events
All about some cool Gretsch events
Vince Ray's Kustom Korner
Vince has created a lot of art for Gretsch. Share your original art and custom creations with him.
The Woodshed
All about playing these things better

Other Equipment

Other Guitars
From Airline through whatever.
Other guitar-y things
Picks and whatever. We have lots of toys.
Gretsch isn’t just known for their guitars, you know
Keep on stompin’