Überloser started playing guitar in the 10th Century BC, on the Southern coast of Canaan, with a band called the Philistines. Internal squabbles and conflicts with other bands caused the breakup of the group, which later reformed without überloser as Tiglath-Pileser III and the Assyrians. Überloser then did a short stint with the Vandals, touring wildly around eastern and central Europe during the 3rd century A.D., making friends and influencing cultures wherever they played. It was in 406 A.D., during a tour of the Rhineland that Überloser got his first big hit, "We Got Gaul." From there, he did a brief stint with The Visigoths. Their reputation for rowdiness, and savage stage shows--which involved sacrificing captive audience members to their god of war, Tyz—was not enough to save the band from internal strife and infighting. The band eventually gave up its hectic touring schedule, settling as a studio band in the abandoned Roman province of Dacia. He reemerged on the flatlands of Mongolia in the 11th Century, playing rhythm guitar for Genghis Khan and the Moguls. Their hectic touring schedule and rowdy stage show became too much for the young über, when he joined the group The Vikings during a tour of Europe. He soon became disenchanted with the Viking's inability to establish a following, which he attributed to the band's insistence on looting and pillaging every venue. Überloser eventually talked the band into trying to establish a following in the Americas, which proved to be the bands downfall and the tour was scrapped in Greenland. He eventually settled into the 20th century, playing with various garage bands, an 18 piece jazz orchestra, and a R&B/funk band. He records his original compositions under the moniker of überloser-- since 1992. Slow to jump on the internet wave, he had to change his moniker to "uberlooser," on myspace because some other posers "got there" first.
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