Lifelong Gretsch lover, guitars I've owned and sold include 66 Country Gentleman, 62 Gibson SG, 71 Coral Firefly Vincent Bell bought at Danelectro in Neptune NJ, wow. Guitars I own currently 1973 Gretsch7660 Chet Atkins and a bunch of lesser lovelies. Gibson les Paul's, Fender Strats and Teles from 80s and some newer. I play for 2hours a day, everyday. I go to work still full time Anesthetist. MSN Univ. of Tennessee, have 4 grand kids none of whom play guitar, 4 poodles, lots of guns. Love to shoot targets and silhouette not a big hunter but will if invited. I'm a good shot. Expert marksman, Retired Army career enlisted medic and Nurse Corps officer.
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