B. Comm. ( Hons. ) Queen's University, Kingston, ON: Certified General Accountant , British Columbia; worked as a Business Auditor 30 years Canada Revenue Agency; taught beginner guitar part time for over 40 years. Started playing at 12, Chet Atkins fan from hearing Poor People of Paris on single record, collected albums which I still have from the late 50's on, Bought a 6120 Gretsch serial 44632 in the Spring of 1962 with the first four months salary in a banking career. Have played in Rock group competing with Neil Young for a church dance. Grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba and watched Lennie Breau, Randy Bachman, Neil Young, progress in their careers. Also played in Polka bands. Have at least one student that has made a career in music, Ken McCoy. His band's website is " McCoy Country ". My guitar is said to be in the last 50 of the 196 1 6120s with a single bout before the double cutaway, padding back 6120s were built. My guitar has a cutaway toggle like the 1962 models so there seems to have been some ongoing modifications that make more unique collector guitars. My favourite playing style is Chet Atkins finger picking. Won a live TV talent show in early 1960s with my Gretsch and a homemade amp. built by a highschool student. Song was " Windy & Warm".
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