I was forum member back in the early-mid 00s and now I'm back. I've occasionally been back browsing and thank everyone for the excellent information I've received here. I'm more active musically again these days so thought I'd hop back aboard, see what I can offer to the community. I'm playing a 2009 DSW through a Vintage 47 Ric12, which is a 12Watt recreation of a late 40's Supro circuit using 6V6s and a couple other funny tubes. I put TVs in the Gretsch and am very happy with my sound. We have a Country/Americana Trio that does old styles and some originals. My setup works great in that we are not too loud, with just snare drum/cymbal or washboard for percussion. I also play quite a bit of fingerstyle acoustic focusing on Country Blues and Ragtime.
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