Began playing guitar at 13, after hearing Bob Dylan. Blown away by Hendrix and Cream. Bought a Sigma12 string at 16, a Gibson banjo at 21, Kay upright base at 25, first mandolin at 50, second shortly after. At 51, bought my first electric - Squier Strat - and never looked back! Currently own a Tim Armstrong 'Man Salmon' Electromatic; G5420T in Aspen Green; G6128T Power Jet in Gold; and just bought a 1977 7680 Super Axe - should arrive tomorrow pm. Also own about 25 other guitars, mostly Martins, Gibsons, Rickenbackers, Epiphones, Harmony and Silvertone electrics, an Aria 12, the odd Stagg, an autoharp, a 1959 Blonde Kay Bass, an antique zither, and a violin.
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Bethlehem, PA USA
Woodworker/Cabinetmaker; semi-retired
Cycling, running, playing music, cooking/baking, birdwatching