Guitarist, songwriter for movies (Dirty Dancing, The Five Heartbeats) song demo recordist and all around music enthusiast. It always inspires me to hear someone playing really well. Love my 6120 RHH and 6128 Cadillac Duo Jet. Playing thru a 65 Amps Lil Elvis w/ 12" Alnico Blue Celestion. Wonderful amp. Also love my Vox AC30H2 but it's a little too much for my current situation. Only way I can play it is to attenuate the crap out of it which is a damn shame. AC30's need to be cranked a little, that's when they come to life! Besides the Gretschs I have a typical collection of guitars; F Hole Tele w/ Duncan Broadcaster (bridge) and Gibson Mini (neck), '62 hard tail Strat, 2008 Mexi strat, '65 Reissue Mustang, '75 Gibson LP Deluxe, '85 Gibson SG, multiple acoustics, mandolin, circa late '40's Rick lap steels, etc., etc. I'm working on putting together a guitar set up with Teisco gold foils. Not gonna pot 'em, I'm gonna leave 'em nice and microphonic. Part of the charm. Using Logic 9 w/ Apogee Rosetta 800 i/o (PCI) to MacPro Dual Quad Core. RE-20 and DPA 4090 mics. Real nice setup for recording.
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P-90's, Teisco gold foil PUP's. Currently infatuated with hearing different kinds of single coils