Born in Brooklyn, N.Y. 1951. My father influenced my interest in playing the guitar and at the age of 9 he purchased my first beginner's guitar. At that time, I started taking lessons from Dan Duffy in a little music shop on Atlantic Avenue in East New York. Dan taught me how to read music and the importance of music theory along with the technic of improvisation and chord substitution structure in Jazz and other music styles. I still have, and refer to, the first music book that Dan hand wrote my study lessons in. Soon afterwards, Dan suggested that a more professional guitar would help in my playing ability. Needless to say, that guitar was a Gretsch model # 6014 acoustic hollow body with "Teardrop" holes of which I still own and play today. Thanks to my father and Dan, music and Gretsch will always be a part of my life for which I am eternally grateful.
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