Started playing guitar in the mid - late 60's, took my first lesson as a teen in '71, joined my first band in about 78 and played locally until early 80's, when I hung it up to concentrate on raising a family. Years later, with the kids mostly grown I got back together with my old bass player and we started a new band, a power trio playing Classic Rock. But my interests changed to the blues, and for awhile as I learned about playing the blues I kept 1 foot in classic rock, continuing with the power trio for a few years, until I finally dropped the rock gig and concentrated fully on the blues, that was about '99. I've been fully immersed in traditional blues ever since. No blues rock, I'm into pre-SRV era blues, mostly West Coast/Swing/Jump blues, but other styles as well. To support the vocalist I work with I also play quite a few standards too, so I need to cover a lot of ground at my gigs. For awhile I was in several bands at once, but I have narrowed that down to 1 very active band, and 1 very active duo, between both I play about 10 gigs per month, plus blues jams. I am a Telecaster player first and foremost, but own a couple dozen guitars, both Fender & Gibson as well as Harmony, Silvertone, Kay, Carvin, DeArmond, Ibanez, and now, finally, Gretsch. A used silver sparkle finish Electromatic 5126.
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