Finnish resident. I got my first guitar in 1980 at the age of 12. I played in some groups back then, but as the upright bass player was in need a few years later and I was the lazier guitar player, I became the bass slapper. And that has been my main musical part ever since. We play what we love and for me it has been the roots: rockabilly, r&b, blues, c&w, some jazz and anything that swings, rocks and rolls. Should I name some of my favourite players, there'd be Cliff Gallup, Chet Atkins, Eddie Cochran, to start with. Anyway, I have always loved Gretsch guitars. But seeing any left handed ones floating here in the woods has been a rare occasion. Internet time helped a lot to find out they do exist! Finally in March 2019 I purchased the first one of my own, a Cadillac Green Country Club! Sadly I had already sold my Cadillac in green, which is my favourite colour, too... My present bands: Stompin' Riot, Merciless Rockers. (Some of the groups in the past: The Marie Celeste, The Housewreckers, The Rage, Deathrow...)
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Sipoo, Uusimaa Finland
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