My name is Tracy Estes and I created The Zombie Guitar Company to honor my father , Neil Estes, who was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in the beginning of 2017. He never got to see what I built it up to... he passed away in September of 2017. I live in Herrin Illinois (Southern Illinois) a small town in between Carbondale (SIU!) and Marion (umm... Home of the prison that was mentioned in The Fugitive, also filmed in Southern Illinois...whatever.) I started playing guitar in 1988 ( Due to watching the movie Back to the Future). There were a lot of kids playing guitar back then. They were in bands, starting a band or just rocking out all the time. There was always a concert to go to! Now, not so much. It is not "alive" like it use to be. So I started, The Zombie Guitar Company,"Bringing the Love of Guitar Back to Life!" We are a Gretsch dealer as well as Blackstar and Vox.
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