I'm a guitarist/ upright bassist/ sound tech/ music store manager living in Northeast Wisconsin. Music is my life, and I don't know what I'd do without it. The only thing I love more than my Gretsch is my wife Heidi, and my son Gretsch Adam. I'm always looking for new opportunities with my sound company, band and other musicians. I play upright bass for a folk/roots acoustic band called South Side River Revival. Go check us out if you're into that kind of thing. Current Gretsch list: Electromatic 5120 with Aluminum Compton bridge and GFS Surf 90s. Electromatic 5129 with Bigsby Comp bridge, Dynasonics. (sold to a good friend, but I work still have visitation rights) Electromatic 5124 stock. Electromatic 5420 in Fairlane Blue Americana Showdown, Americana Sundown Serenade Other gear worthy of mention: Gibson SG Special with GFS Mean 90s, Cremona SB-3 3/4 upright bass, Kapa Continental with stock Hofner pickups, Schecter Solo 6 Limited Edition Goldtop with HB sized P90s, Peavey Classic 50 2x12, Kustom 36 Coupe, and many more guitars that aren't worth the space to type.
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Upright Bass, Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Surf, Punk, Ska, hot rods, good music, and Pabst Blue Ribbon.