Born in Michigan, moved to Florida in 1965 when my dad worked on the space program as an electrical engineer,Gemini and Apollo programs. Been mostly here every since. Been married 36 years to my lovely wife Lisa, who is a K to 3rd grade guidance counselor. Have one son ,21,with some medical issues. I have a one man cabinet shop where I do mostly custom woodwork for people way outside my pay grade. After my Reactive Arthritis caused me to quit playing for three years, I got better and decided to give it the old last try, started playing out and got invited to join a couple bands. Been playing 3 yr's now in those two bands, one Chicago Blues, one more roots music as we mix old blues,country and some R&R. Been trying to learn some jazz like what was played prior to 1960 for the most part. Was real lucky in my early twentys to have met and become friends with Hank Garland, who really opened my eyes to what a real musician could do. Talk about humbling, jeez, the guy had serious brain trauma and still could play circles around most guys. So that's my story, and I'm sticking to it !
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