Started playing in bands when I was 15. The first band I was in (The Rituals) had a single released in the States & Australia & Dennark (but not in the UK unfortunately) called "Gone" / "This Is Paradise". First electric was an F hole hollow single cutaway Zenith (maybe a subliminal reason for my hankering after a Gretsch) which I sold for a Rosetti Solid Seven (fool!!). Followed up with a Hofner V2 Stratalike, then a 1961 Telecaster - which I sold for £80 in 1975 to get my first real Strat (yes yes - I'm a fool!). The Gretsch DSW eventually came in 2006 - just around 40 years too late! After not gigging for around 5 or so years I am now in a band started from scratch called BREW (named after band members Bern, Robert, Eddie and Williams). We play mainly 50's/60's stuff, but with a little bit of attitude and drive. We rock well - not bad for a band who's yougest member is 58!
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