erick lopez

Love rockabilly, swing, jazz, blues doo wop, classic rock and 80's new wave...rebuit my dads harley shovelhead with gretsch guitars and all else gretsch in nature.... my guitars inlcude a 2007 gretsch 5120 I modified quite extensively, a 2004 blue hotrod gretsch with TVJ, a suzuki cutaway classical guitar and a spanish flamenco guitar by cordova... wish to own one day a Black phoenix, an SSLVO 6120 and a sparkle jet penguin in the look out for a 63' fender bassman (like anybody here) and my level of playing is good I would say...not brian setzer good but its enjoyable playing to most of his songs and improvising most of the solos...(I also play flamenco guitar from time to time (that was my mothers wishes in order to learn the guitar)....oh yeah and my wife preety much hates all of it hahahahaha.....that preety much sums it all up i guess
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